Monday, February 16, 2009

What am I going to do today?

I'm sitting here eating mixed cereal. Thinking about how I will use my day and time. No classes, no work. Tons of catching up to do. Can I sit for several hours at the Library? Do black holes cause the universe to shrink little by little? Will ever die of a heart attack? I want to go on a mission to Japan. Or will I have to take a break and come back to studying? Will moving locations ever so often help?
How do toe nails work? Take out the trash. When can I make a plasma appointment next? I'm I gay? .........Nope, straight. Why would some people be gay and others straight? I'll let it ring. What is today? I have to pee. Whose on facebook? I would marry her. What would our kids look like? I wonder whats going on in Madagascar right now. I miss Mark and Natasha. and Sean. I should get a webcam, then I could talk to them. I think I'm getting lock jaw, WTF. I need money. I need to study. I don't want to go home in two months. I hate home. It's not even home anymore. Where will I live in 5 years? when will I move to Japan? What will I do In Japan? I don't think they are in need of English/Japanese interperters. shoot. What Will I do? Maybe I shold chang my Major. Or make Japanese my major and switch my minor? What if you could use a blackhole as transportation? I want a car. Chryasler Crossfire! just made me wet myself a bit. What am I doing? A shower. I need to go to the library. Where will I sit? Did I just see a mouse? Probably not. Nope. Is my towl clean? Shoot, do I have pants for today? What if we were all naked and clothes didn't excist, like Adem and Eve!? But then we wouldn't be alive. According to Mormon Doctrine.... CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have FHE tonight. will I go? Maybe.......(no).

Pretty Intense, I know.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Piiiiica! my new japanese pal. ( who dosen't speak much japanese)

I moved apartments for the winter semester. Now I'm FHE (it's a mormon thing) partners with 12 girls. One is PICA. Like Pikachu, but without the chu and with a c. We have Japanese 101 together also. so i have to see her like ALL the time. But I guess it's okay. She hangs around trying to be best buddies with one of my roommates, but he doesn't like her. Haha. She thinks she's cool, cuz she can kinda do the rubix cube. She's way random too. even more so than I. Maybe thats why we get along quite well. (she may be ADD x2.) I first meet Pica in the fall hanging out with my now current roommate. So, all summer we didn't know each other, but we would have like the awekard hellos and stuff in the store and on campus. But now we're best buddies. Though she may be using me to get to Tyler..........
I love Pica.

Pretty Intense, I know.

So I Suck At School.

So I really suck at the whole school thing.
I've been doing it since June! And it sucks.
I don't do any of the reading or assignments. No matter how much I intend to do so. I sit down, pull it all out, and one of two things happen:
1) I doze off for two hours (EVERY TIME, WTF)
2) I sit there doing nothing for a bit.

Then I repack it all up and go home.
Then there are others times, like today. I have every intention of studying Japanese and reading all my chapters. But then something comes up, it gets to late, I put it off, it gets to late, or I decide I'll do it tomorrow and make up for what I did not do today.
My GPA is way low after two and a half semesters of it.
Why can I not do my work? Why do I suck at school?
Though, This semester I am doing a bit better. not much.

Pretty Intense, I know.
I'll Start Tomorrow. I should get my four hours of sleep.

Pretty Intense. wow.


Test Post fool.

Pretty Intense. wow.